Megan Miranda Wrote Us Back!

From the desk of Miss Bethany,

If you are an avid reader like me, you understand the satisfying feeling that comes with a successful book or author recommendation. I love saying the words, “Try this one” and waiting for you to return with your personal take on the book.

Last year I suggested a favorite title to Miss Sarah and when she finished it, the look on her face said it all. She got it. She immediately understood why this book sits confidently on my personal list of favorite reads.

Two weeks ago we learned the author had released a new title AND that she had previously written several Young Adult novels. We immediately requested books for ourselves and told Miss Crystal she needed to check out this author too!

Who is this mysterious writer? The one and only Megan Miranda!

When we realized we were all reading her books and trying to guess the various endings at the same time, we snapped a photo to celebrate! After we posted the photo on our Mulberry Library Instagram


Instagram post showing Megan Miranda wrote us back!

If you are looking for a new author, we highly recommend Megan Miranda. Fast-paced, mystery, thriller, friendships, family drama, the occasional romantic relationship and a hearty dose of “What is happening right now?”!

Our favorites (so far!):

  • All the Missing Girls The title we all started with. A 380+ page roller-coaster ride!
  • The Girl From Widow Hills NEW TITLE ALERT! This book was published in June 2020!
  • The Safest Lies A Young Adult novel that my teenage son enjoyed with me!
  • Fragments of the Lost Another Young Adult novel but trust me, it is fun for adults too!