We Are Now Fine Free!

The Mulberry Public Library is now a FINE FREE library! What does that mean for you? Read through our frequently asked questions to learn more. If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Fine-Free Policy FAQ’s

  • What is fine-free?
    • The Mulberry Public Library will no longer collect overdue fines for Mulberry owned items that are returned after the due date. 
  • Why is the library going fine-free?
    • We want to take down any barriers that are preventing our patrons from using the resources we have available in the library or digitally.
  • Will there still be due dates?
    • Yes, we will have due dates to ensure everyone has access to our physical items.
  • What happens if I don’t return by the due date?
    • An item will be considered late/lost if it is 30 days past the last renewal date. Items are renewed automatically up to two times (6 weeks maximum time for checkout) if there are no holds on the item.
    • Final late notices, then lost item notices will be mailed to patrons as a reminder.
    • After an item is considered lost, it is moved to the lost report. The cost of the item will be charged to your account.  If the item is more than $10 then your account will be suspended/blocked until the item is returned.
    • When the item is returned, the cost of the lost item is removed and your card is unsuspended/unblocked.
  • What if I have outstanding fines on my account?
    • The computer should remove the fines, but it is not a perfect system. Call, or visit us and we will remove any overdue fines that are associated with a Mulberry owned item. Mulberry owned items begin with 30393 on the barcode.
  • What about other fines or fees?
    • $5 for hotspot checkout still applies.
    • If an item is damaged, then there is a fee for the damage.
    • Lost items will be charged a replacement cost depending on the item.