B-Mail (Books By Mail)

What is BMail?

B-Mail is a home delivery service available to all library patrons who reside within Polk County. Books and materials are mailed through the United States Postal Service to patrons whose library membership is in good standing.

Are there restrictions?

  • Mulberry Public Library owned Mobile Hotspots & Nintendo Switch games are not available for BMail service.
  • Read PCLC BMail Policy for additional restriction information.

Is BMail delivery free & how does it work?

  • BMail is a free service to library patrons who reside within Polk County.
  • Requested library items are delivered to the address associated with the patron’s library card. 
  • Address and contact information must be kept current. 
  • The return of library materials is the responsibility of the patron.
  • Returns are accepted at any of the 18 PCLC library sites during business hours, or in the after-hours drop boxes. This includes the PCLC Bookmobile and the Visit Central Florida Information Center, 101 Adventure Court in Davenport, FL.

The Rule of Tens

PCLC Rule of Tens Policy

  • No more that 10 items may be checked out through BMail at any time.  
  • No more than 10 items may be on active request through BMail at any time.
  • Holds in excess of 10 will be randomly suspended by the PCLC computer system. 
  • Suspended item(s) will be placed in circulation, but position in queue will not be lost.

How do I request BMail delivery?

  • Request service online when using the PCLC Online Catalog.  Upon final selection choose “Books by Mail” as the “Pickup Library.”
  • Call BMail at (863)679-4441 or (866) 679-4441.
  • Email request to [email protected]
  • Visit any PCLC library and place request in person.

Why am I not receiving my BMail requests?

  • You already have ten items checked out through BMail.
  • You have requested more than ten items through BMail, resulting in suspensions.
  • Your contact information needs to be verified.
  • The status of the item(s) you’ve requested has changed and is no longer available.
  • Your library card is not in good standing.  Read BMail Policy.

Can I delay my shipments, or change pickup location?

BMail Home-Bound Service

BMail Home-Bound service is available to people who are unable to access the PCLC library collection due to a temporary or long-term medical disability. Library materials are sent through the mail in zippered bags with reversible address labels for easy mail return. Click links below to download an applications. One of the forms requires the signature of a medical professional.

Application for Service

Application for Free Postal Delivery Must be signed by a medical professional.

Reading Preferences If you wish to have BMail assist with title selection, please include the reading preferences form.

Please mail completed forms to:

Polk County Library Cooperative BMail

c/o Lake Wales Public Library

290 Cypress Garden Lane

Lake Wales, FL  33853