Departmental Mission Statements

Customer Service

It is the mission of the Mulberry Public Library staff to provide patrons with knowledgeable answers to their literary, technical and communal needs. Together we will provide the best customer service available. It is our goal to maintain the reputation of the “nicest” library in our county. We will do this by providing courtesy, respect, kindness, knowledge and laughter to all our patrons. Our team will continue to help and inspire everyone we can.

Adult Services

The Adult Services Department of the Mulberry Public Library strives to reach adults of all ages. Our goal is to share information and provide educational, as well as specialty-based enrichment through group programming and one-on-one time. We welcome questions and offer material without discrimination or bias.

Teen & Tweens Services

The Teen Services Department of the Mulberry Public Library supports the educational and individual growth of teens and tweens by providing access to informational and recreational resources, and an environment that meets the needs for emotional and social development.

Youth Services

The Youth Services Department of the Mulberry Public Library is dedicated to providing programs and services to build children’s literacy skills. Literacy programs and services may include story time, book clubs, arts and crafts, and music.