Displays, Exhibits, and Bulletin Board

Solicitation Policy

The Mulberry Public Library allows petitioners and passive engagement activities in specific outdoor areas on library property. This authorization is to provide a reasonable opportunity for expressive activity on library property. Petitioning, canvassing and passive citizen engagement initiatives designed to contact, survey, gather signatures, share information, and inform citizens about various topics are only allowed within a designated area outside the library building. No petitioning, canvassing or similar types of citizen engagement initiatives are allowed inside the library building.

  • The Mulberry Public Library will designate an outdoor space that will not hinder patrons from entering the library for petitioning, or passive citizen engagement initiatives.
  • No monies or donations can be collected, solicited, or accepted.
  • Signs and posters cannot be affixed to the building.
  • The individual or group petitioning or conducting similar citizen initiatives is responsible for the information presented. Permission to use property does not imply that Mulberry Public Library or the City of Mulberry endorses the purposes, policies, or contents of the organization, group, or individual.
  • Individuals must adhere to the Library‚Äôs Code of Conduct for behavior and may not actively pursue, harass or intimidate library customers. Individuals who are reported to engage in improper behavior may be asked to leave the premises.

Bulletin Board / Flyer Posting / Literature Distribution Policy

The Mulberry Library does not provide space for the display of public notices; there is, however, a limited amount of room to provide information to library users about:

  • Events sponsored by the library.
  • Events sponsored by the City of Mulberry.
  • Events sponsored by the Friends of the Mulberry Library.
  • Events having a literary nature.
  • Events taking place in Mulberry.

If space is available, the library will display posters and announcements for non-profit organizations and their events. No political or religious posters will be accepted.

Priority is given to library, City and Friends business, as well as to community organizations with which the library carries out cooperative programs.

Display items must be of reasonable size in relation to the space available and will not be accepted if they detract from the effective use of space. The appearance and content of the notice must be suitable for display in a public service area. Posters or announcements left at the library become the property of the library and cannot be returned.

All items displayed in the Mulberry Public Library must be approved by the Library Director or designated staff.