April 5, 2016
Poetry Evening and Open Mic Night 4/29 7-9 pm

Poems are, a little bit, like elves

Who peek-a-boo among your shelves

And make up rules to please themselves.

~Peter Meinke from his book, The Elf Poem

I have become a little bit in love with Poetry of late. I admit, it is in anticipation of a lovely Poetry Event we are having April 29th from 7-9pm. We are welcoming our own state’s Poet Laureate, Peter Meinke, to our Lil’ Library that Could to do a Reading from his 20+ books.

Joining him will be Erica Bernheim, Florida Southern’s Creative Writing Professor and Author, herself. Both Poets have a wonderful eclectic collection of poems that will be both intrigue and satisfy you.

Come prepared with your own poetry, as there is an Open Mic extension of the evening, as well! Fortify yourself with coffee, wine or refreshments and share your art with Peter Meinke and Erica Bernheim!

~Sofia Simpson, Library Assistant