October 6, 2015
Normal is Overrated

by A.L.R

I was walking along an empty road not really paying attention to where I was going. I knew that if i didn’t go home soon, I’d get into a lot of trouble. My life wasn’t as great as my friends’ lives. They had loving parents and loving partners. Me? I had my own two feet. Things happened to me that I believed to be my fault, but I couldn’t keep doing this. I was angry at them… wasn’t I? Or was I angry at myself for this? I mean I did run away, but what was the point? Was there any point in this anymore? The running, the hiding, the waiting until it’s over? It was lame of me to do this, no one else deserved this. No one but me who is to blame.

“I haven’t seen you around here before.” a voice says behind me. I turn and see blue eyes and brown hair. It wasn’t the fact that I was a full city away from home, it’s the fact no one knows I left. This guy made me uneasy. Six feet at most and a pompous pose that said ‘I’m going to get you’. How was any of this okay?

“I don’t live around here.”

“Why are you here then?” he asked and I tried to think. Why was I here? What did I come here for? I needed to lie. Every part of my body wanted me to turn and run. If I didn’t, I would regret it. Just lie, he can’t know. He doesn’t have to know anything.

“I don’t remember.”

“Got lost, did you?” he asked, and he looked me over, like a wolf would over it’s prey. I was too slow to run but I was going to try my absolute hardest.

“No, I’m not lost. I am looking for something. Why are you asking me so many questions?” I asked and the guy looked at me. I didn’t like the way he was looking at me. It was a dangerous kind of look.

“Just close your eyes and it will be over soon.” he says and strikes at my head. I duck and turn, ready for a fight.

“Don’t come closer.”I threaten and he laughs.

“Like you could outfight me or run away. Stupid girl, don’t you know that you’re doomed?”

“What are you talking about?” I asked and he laughed. His blue eyes, weren’t so blue anymore. They were a dark black and that is when I ran for an escape route. Granted, if my mom wasn’t so drunk and my dad was an actual dad and stopped treating me like a punching bag, I doubt I would be in this mess. I hated my life then, but I needed to be alive now. People are counting on me. My way was blocked by the menacing stranger and my life flowed into his mouth. I tried to fight, but both the loss of blood and exhaustion took me over and I closed my eyes. I tried to punch him, but my hands were immobilized and I was weak. It got to the point where I just closed my eyes and let myself go, like I should’ve done before.

I woke the next day, not understanding my new found senses. Heightened sense of smell, hearing, and reflexes, this was something I only read about. The only difference is, they didn’t accept it. I was going to freak out about it, but not now. Right now, I needed to escape this alleyway. I might have accepted this but hey, normal is overrated. Isn’t it? I didn’t know the answer but all that I knew is that something wasn’t right. I was going to find out what.