October 10, 2016
Life Change

By: Ashley Rude

I didn’t know what to think. This was too much, this had to be a lie. I looked around at my family and they all bowed their heads in shame for hiding this from me. Nineteen years, I’ve been good. A good daughter, sister, friend, an AB Honors student, but this was too much. I took off outside. It was true what Trystan told me. I wasn’t human anymore, I never was. It turns out the only person I could trust was him. As I ran, I came to a cliff about seventy feet above water. All I had to do was jump, it would be that easy. My life was a lie anyway, right? Me being human was a lie.

“Haley, don’t!” I heard a voice yell from behind me. I turned and saw him. Brown hair blowing into his face, concern in his green eyes, hands held out like he wanted to touch me and get me away from the cliff. I shook and sobbed.

“You knew this whole time that they were lying about who I was.”

“They didn’t lie about who you are. That will never change, despite new information that threatens differently. Haley, I know who you are and that’s not going to make it any better, but please. You’re not Awake yet; you jump you die. Don’t do this to the people who love you. I lost Kate, don’t make me lose you as well.” He begs and I looked out to sea. If I jumped there was a very good possibility that I would die, but the other part of me would end up waking up and right now, I wanted to. I was tired of living a lie and this life is exactly what that was. A lie. I looked back at him and leaned back, knowing I was going to fall. As I did, I saw him take off for me, but the thrill of freefalling was intense. I turned and watched as the ground raced to meet me but then it happened. My body was taken somewhere else and I was flying. My wings carried me high up into the air and I knew then that my life, however much a lie it had been is changed now. As I looked at the things flapping in the air, Trystan was there in front of me, smiling and crying. I went back to the cliff and when my feet touched the ground, Trystan hugged me, holding me tight. When he let go, he touched his forehead to mine.

“You’re awake.”

“Now, let’s find the ones responsible for Kate.” I say and he looked at me.

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure of one thing. Whoever killed your sister will answer for it and I am sure about you. You’ve never lied to me when you had the chance to. You trusted me, so now I trust you. Let’s not forget that okay?” I asked, which resulted in a nod from him.  We watched as the sun sank into the water and the clouds turned into a beacon of hope. I was sure now that even as my life changed, one thing remained. I would be okay and so would the people in my life who are less strange than me. The human race was known for destruction, but I was raised in the human world. I knew differently. Humans, while they were whiney, were also clear headed. I was lost for a long time, not knowing why I didn’t fit in anywhere, now I knew and understood why. I wasn’t meant to, I was meant to protect and avenge the wronged. Kate would be with me and Trystan until the end of time.