April 23, 2015

A Fiction piece written by: Ashley Rude, Senior at Mulberry High School

My name is Callie Belfort. I have never really liked reading before until I saw one of the trailers for a movie. It was strange. The movie looked interesting, I mean, it was fiction. The movie was Dracula 2000. I liked the looks of it but I had people keep telling me I couldn’t watch the movie until I read at least one version of Dracula. Going to the library thinking I could cheat my way out of it, I did some research. I was very surprised to find that I had misjudged books completely. I was curious and let my annoying little habit get the very best of me. I checked out the copy of Bram Stokers Dracula and I liked it. I didn’t realize until I looked up from the white pages that I was wearing an old time dress. I hated dresses, where did this come from? I looked up to find the library was gone and in its place was a dense forest. I looked around feeling like I was being watched. I shrugged out of my reverie to find, I wasn’t alone. A man who was tall, dark, and kind of creepy was standing in the pathway out of the forest.

“Do not be afraid. Why have you come?” he asked. I looked around to see if he was talking to anyone else. I looked back and he was closer. I jumped, not really understanding why I did. It felt like a good thing to do at the time.

“I don’t know how I got here. Who are you and why are you blocking my way out of here?”

“You speak strangely. Where have you come?” he asked. His accent, now that I heard it, was different. It had a kind of zing to it. I didn’t like zing. Not right now anyway.

“I told you, I don’t know. Where are my parents?” I asked with a tone. He glared at me but said nothing. People really need to fix their manners.

“Your parents?” the guy asked.

“Yeah, parents. The people who look after you as you grow up and become an adult. Whatever this is, it’s not funny.”

“I find no humor in your fear. I hear your breathing and I think it best if you leave. If we cross paths again, I shall not be so wary of your curiosity.” He says and he leaves. I looked at him and a scream erupted from a nearby town. I ran toward it, trying to get there. Then I saw it. A crowd of people were standing around. I was going to ask until another guy with semi longish brown hair looked up from the body. Her neck was punctured and she was dead. I don’t know what I had just walked in to, but I knew I was strange. The guy stood and glared. What is with the glaring people?

“Where is the demon?”

“Demon? What are you talking about?” I asked and he grabbed my arm. Where I was from, grabbing me like that would’ve gotten you punched.

“This is no time for games girl, where is he?” the guy asked. Girl? I had a name but then I realized that I hadn’t given it. His grip hurt and that is when I realized that somehow and in some way, I had been able to get into the book and become a part of it. That was when I understood.

“You are Abraham Van Helsing, aren’t you?”

“He was here now he is gone. You are helping him! Where is he?” he asked, completely avoiding my question. So rude.

“I just got here.” I say and he drags me with him to a house, pulling me inside.

“Get inside.” He said and basically threw me inside his house. I rubbed my arm because his grip wasn’t all feathers and everything. He closed the windows and looked at me. He saw me rubbing my arm, but didn’t say anything. No ‘are you okay?’ or did I hurt you?’ Nothing. He had no manners What-so-ever.

“Where is the demon?”

“What demon? What is everyone talking about?” I asked and he looked at me. He grabbed my neck and turned my head. Don’t punch him.

“You have no signs of being infected. I know you saw him in the forest. What did he say?” Van Helsing asked and I realized why I automatically jumped. The person I met in the forest was Dracula himself. I felt sick.

“The stranger I met in the woods was not dangerous. If he was, I’d be dead.” I say and he smiles.

“You already are.” He says and grabs my hand. I looked and saw a cut on it. I didn’t realize I got cut. Knowing the motive, I knew then that I was worse than dead, I was a part a story that had girls afraid of the dark at night. I was in league with Dracula, and I was not going to like this outcome. Sneaky little man, I didn’t know he marked me for death. I thought and Abraham shook his head.

“I am sorry about this.” He says and lifts a crossbow to me. I had no point in trying to run. I was going to die anyway. Then as he fired, as fast as I got there, I woke in the library I had come to. I looked at the book then at the pale walls. I have now found a love for literature all just because of the little journey I had. I saw the librarian and she smiled.

“I don’t get it. What just happened?” I asked her and she smiled. The smile said she knew what happened and she was not going to explain anything. She started to walk away when I stopped her.

“Hey, how do I get back?” I asked and she smiled.

“Just turn the next page.” She said and left. I looked back at the book wondering. If I go back, would it pick up where I left off?

“Going back in.”