October 6, 2015

by A.L.R

I stand not for the strong,
but for the weak

I stand not for the doubtful
but for the hopeful.

I stand not for the compassionless,
but for the compassion lacking

I stand not for just one,
but for everyone left behind

I stand not for them
but for you as well.

I stand for the world that was,
not for the world now

I stand for them memories missing,
not the vague sense of it

I stand not for the wrongdoings of the world,
but for the hope that one day we’ll return

I stand for the innocents,
not the guilty

I stand for the voiceless
not those who have no problem making noise

The world needs a helping hand,
I will be the helping hand.

I stand for the morally right in the world,
I will not see it knocked down

I stand for the world.