February 17, 2015
Blind Date With a Book at the Mulberry Library!

A Commentary by: Ashley Rude

The Mulberry Public Library is hosting a Blind Date with a book and we need dedicated readers such as you to help those helpless books get a chance to be ‘dated’. All you have to do is come in; check out a book wrapped in brown paper, granted you won’t know what it is, and read away. It is for all teens so don’t be afraid to come on in and read your hearts out. I have already tried out a book or two and it is incredible.

I have read almost eight books already and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. It’s just for fun, so you don’t have to feel pressured into reading anything, it’s just for fun. Come on in, pick up a book, and let the book pull you into its yellow printed pages. Each page is a different world. And dating a different world is just as fun.

There is a prize for the one who reads the most ‘blind dates’. I won’t say much as to what the prize is only that it is a basket. Filled with what? Well, you’ll have to read in order to find out what mystery the basket holds, just like our books. Keep the bookmark you are given by Mulberry High School Library or the Mulberry Library, because that is your proof.
February 28th is the due date! Hurry in!