Open Your Eyes

by Ashley Rude

I make dinner for my mom, seeming how I love to cook. One day I learned that my mom was sick, so I made dinner for her. Chicken noodle soup, water, and a piece of bread to Continue reading

Normal is Overrated

by A.L.R

I was walking along an empty road not really paying attention to where I was going. I knew that if i didn’t go home soon, I’d get into a lot of trouble. My life wasn’t as great as Continue reading

I Stand for You

by A.L.R

I stand not for the strong,
but for the weak

I stand not for the doubtful
but for the hopeful.

I stand not for the compassionless,
but for the compassion lacking

I stand not for just one,
but Continue reading

Journey Through the Pages

A Fiction piece written by: Ashley Rude, Senior at Mulberry High School

My name is Callie Belfort. I have never really liked reading before until I saw one of the trailers for a movie. It was strange. The movie looked Continue reading

She is Alice/ecilA si ehS

by Sam Brainard

I am that sister languidly thumbing through an old volume beneath the tall tree,
And she, in all definition, is Alice.
I have watched her daydream every day for years, reading to her aloud,
Poetry I have Continue reading

Waiting for Teen Writers!


Doo-dee-doo-doo-doo-doo-dee-doo, Doo-dee-doo-doo-DOOT-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo…

We are waiting for great writing from some of our fantastic teens! Interested?

Contact Ms. Sofia Simpson, Assistant Director of the Mulberry Library, at 863-425-3246 or by email,

Can’t wait to see what you got floating Continue reading